Send documents from any device and from anywhere with the same legal validity.


Send documents urgently and securely


Send a digital, ordinary or certified letter


Send digital postcards online


Print out your labels and pay for your deliveries before going to the Post Office

PAQ 48

Delivery in 24/48 hours, depending on point of origin and destination

Certified Letter

Guarantee reception with a signature

Administrative Notifications

Suitable service for legal communications


Cómo preparar el envío
Ponértelo fácil

How do I package my parcel properly?

The best way to avoid damage to your parcel is by packaging it properly. You should bear in mind that the type of packaging may vary depending on the type of parcel you are sending.

How does the Online Post Office work?

You can use the Online Post Office for the following services: pre-registering certifications, notifications and packages, sending burofaxes, sending online telegrams, buying personalised stamps, sending digital letters and sending postcards.

Standardisation of addresses

Standardised conditions for Letters, Postcards, Registered Deliveries, Urgent Deliveries, Urgent Registered Deliveries, Notifications, Publicorreo and Publibuzón. 

Items banned from international post

Items or documents that are banned from circulation under national or international law may not be sent through the Postal Network for reasons of safety, public health, general utility and protection of the postal service in general.

What is postage paid?

Postage paid is designed for users who send regular bulk mailings of letters or printed material. 

Franking machine

Post your deliveries with all the benefits of doing so with a top-up franking machine with digital technology.

What is Postage Paid on Delivery?

Postage paid on delivery is a specific postal service to ensure customers can respond free of charge to commercial mailings by using a reply coupon.