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PAQ 48

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Paquete Azul

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Paquetería Nacional

Send parcels for home delivery.

Send parcels or bulky documents within Spain and Andorra. Delivery is to the recipient's address and signed for.

  • Geographical Coverage: Spain and Andorra.
  • Weight: Maximum 20 kg.
  • Rates: Desde 10,67€, sin impuestos incluidos.

Sold by

The parcel is tracked during transit and signed for on delivery. The service is for parcels with or without commercial value.

It includes one attempted delivery. If it can not be delivered the recipient has 15 days to pick up the parcel from their local Post Office.

A second attempted delivery can be arranged free of charge with a simple phone call.

For parcels from and to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, delays due to customs are not included in the agreed delivery times.


Delivery is signed for. Tracked during transit. Signature on delivery at the recipient's address. If we can not deliver the parcel, we leave a note informing the recipient they can pick it up within 15 days from the nearest Post Office.


Large and Heavy Parcels:

Parcel Weight:

  • Maximum real weight: up to 20 Kg.
  • Volumetric weight: Maximum 50 kg.

Volumetric weight: For parcels in which the weight is not proportional to the size, the criterion applied will be weight/volume (167Kg/m3). This ratio will be verified when accepting the parcel, according to the following formula: length x height x width, expressed in cm / 6,000.




  • Box: Maximum L+H+W= 210 cm., the largest dimension not exceeding 120 cm. Minimum: 15 x 10 cm.
  • Roll or tube: Maximum L= 120 cm., D= 30 cm. Minimum: The dimensions that allow a 10 x 14.5 cm label to be attached.


Deliveries with dimensions that are smaller than the minimum must have an attached 10 x 7 cm label bearing the address and the postage.



For loss of a parcel: €23.44.

You can track a delivery via the Post Office website or by telephone.

Puedes consultar las tarifas generales vigentes, o hacer tu consulta en este calculador de tarifas:
Seleccione producto

Indicado para envíos de paquetería en España y Andorra con entrega a domicilio. If you wish, you can prepare your delivery from your PC. Ver más.

Product characteristics

Weight (gr.)
 Enter the weight of your item.

Length (cm.)
Width (cm.)
Height (cm.)
 A weight / volume criteria will be applied to voluminous parcels according to the formula: length x width x height (in centimetres) / 6,000.
 Select the origin of your item.
 Select the destination for your item.
Additional services

Declared value
Signing up for this service, your item is insured until it arrives at its destination (enter insurance value).
Management of Single Customs Declaration (DUA) for Exports
Management of Single Customs Declaration (DUA) for Exports
Notice of receipt
Proof of delivery signed by the recipient.
Prueba de entrega electrónica
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Paquete Azul
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