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Ideal for:

Envío de publicidad Buzoneo Nacional

Our non-personalised advertising mailing service.

The only quality service that really reaches all the letterboxes at the destination.

  • Geographical Coverage: Spain and Andorra.
  • Weight: Maximum per item: 100 gr.
  • Delivery times: 2 - 6 working days (4 days in 90% of cases).

Sold by

Delivery of advertising material aimed at capturing new customers based on geographical location, which enables companies to undertake direct marketing actions in a defined area. Send your message to the public in a specific geographic area, segmented by social characteristics, demographics, or the location of your business.

The solution for:

  • Reaching any location in Spain with the possibility of selecting the distribution sectors.
  • Distributing advertising material for your business or company, promotions, coupons or discounts to capture new customers or business with a geographic area of influence near your point of sale.
  • Reliable delivery. Our professional personnel will ensure your advertising material always reaches the recipients' letterbox.

*You can bring your previously prepared shipment to any Post Office, with or without a contract with Correos.

For more information please go to

Physical characteristics:


Maximum per item: 100 gr.

Minimum shipment:

100 units per shipment.



- Reception in Post Offices for non-mass shipments, and in mass reception centres for mass shipments.

- Shipments will be presented in parcels of 25, 50 or 100 items, accompanied by a list in triplicate, stating:

  • The weight of each printed item (up to a maximum of 100 g. per item).
  • Place of distribution.
  • Number of copies to be distributed.

- They must be uncovered or in a sealed envelope with the words "Para inspección postal abrir aquí" (Open here for postal inspection). In all cases, the cover must feature the note "Envío publicitario sin dirección"(Unaddressed advertising mailing).

Seleccione producto

Apt for the sending of documents and objects of up to 2 kilograms to any country in the world. Ver más.

Product characteristics

Weight (gr.)
 Enter the weight of your item.
 Tick the box if the item is standard: Envelopes: 14x9 cm. and 23,5x12 cm. Cards: 14x9 cm. and 23,5x12 cm. Consult the regulations regarding item format and weight / volume admission criteria.
 Select the origin of your item.
 Select the destination for your item.
Number of items in shipment 
 Enter the number of parcels to be sent.
Additional services

Selection of urban distribution sectors
Selection of urban distribution sectors
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