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PAQ 48

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Urgent Letter

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Nacional Urgente

Quality and speed with delivery information.

Send your documents or goods urgently to the home address of the recipient within one working day, and with information on when delivery was made (deliveries in Spain).

  • Geographical Coverage: Nacional (España y Andorra).
  • Weight: Up to 500 g for national deliveries.
  • Delivery times: 24 hours.

Sold by

Send your documents or goods urgently to the home address of the recipient within one working day, and with information on when delivery was made (deliveries in Spain).

Physical characteristics:

Minimum dimensions:  Envelope or box: 14 x 9 cm. Roll/tube: Length + 2 times diameter = 17 cm, the largest dimension not less than 10 cm. 

Maximum dimensions:

  • National: 23.5 x 12 cm with a maximum thickness of 10 mm.
  • International: length + height + width = 90 cm, the largest dimension not exceeding 60 cm


  • National: Urgent Letter up to 500 g.
  • International: up to 2 kg.



Urgent letters will be identified by an adhesive label with certain characteristics:

  1. They have a barcode to provide delivery information.
  2. Part of the label is the proof of receipt which must be removed before the letter is delivered. This includes the reference number for checking the delivery.
  3. The traditional red label with the words “carta urgente” (urgent letter) is included, so there is no need to add another label or write this information on the envelope. The label will be placed on the upper left of the front of the envelope.

Packaging: Customers should use envelopes and packaging that ensure the integrity of the content.

Correos offers a wide range of packaging to suit your needs: envelopes, boxes, prepaid, etc. Once the item is sealed, the return address and the recipient's details must be visible on the packaging.

Letters with commercial content addressed to Andorra, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla must include a completed DA 1 form. 


Delivery times*:

- In Spain:  24 hours (for items posted before 16:00 from and to large towns).

* Estimated time for 90% of national shipments (Correos does not compensate for the non-fulfilment of delivery times).

You can consult the general charges in force, or use this charges calculator. 

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This product allows the urgent and registered sending of closed items containing documents and goods of up to 500 g. Ver más.

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Urgent Letter
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