Send documents from any device and from anywhere with the same legal validity.


Send documents urgently and securely


Send a digital, ordinary or certified letter


Send digital postcards online


Print out your labels and pay for your deliveries before going to the Post Office

PAQ 48

Delivery in 24/48 hours, depending on point of origin and destination

Certified Letter

Guarantee reception with a signature

Administrative Notifications

Suitable service for legal communications


Paq Premium

Ideal for:

Paquetería Urgente Nacional

The highest quality service for your shipments that Correos has to offer.

Urgent delivery service for your shipments with the highest quality and commitment.

  • Geographical Coverage: Nacional, Andorra y Portugal peninsular.
  • Size: Length + Height + Width = 210 cm; the longest side must not exceed 120 cm.
  • Weight: Maximum 30 kg.
  • Delivery times: 24-48 hours, depending on the origin-destination.
Correos ExpressCorreos

Sold by

Parcel shipment where you decide the date and time of delivery and Correos makes sure the customer receives it. Specially designed product for distributing parcels, when the client needs quick and efficient delivery.

What’s more, thanks to our Network, you can offer your customer different delivery options: Home, Office and of course, CityPaq Automated Parcel Terminals.

Includes SMS and/or email notifications to the recipient.

With the option of requesting incident management and feedback.

Save time at the post office and prepare items for posting from your computer in just four steps:

Online Paq Premium Parcel shipment:

1 Describe the items.

2 Register all the recipients to whom you want to send the parcels and indicate if you want to include any additional service.

3 Pay for the delivery directly online using a bank card or PayPal, or indicate if you prefer to pay in a Correos Post Office. You can charge it to your Correos account or use a prepaid envelope.

4 Print the labels identifying the parcels and the list of parcels (when applicable); you will need these when depositing at the post office.

If you have any questions about how this service works, please contact Correos Customer Service or visit the nearest  Correos branch .


Delivery types:

Deliveries are signed for and completed within a guaranteed period. There are 3 different delivery types:

  1. Home Delivery: consists of 2 attempted deliveries and 15 days kept at the local Post Office. Delivery type available for private and contract clients. *The only delivery type available for items posted to mainland Portugal.
  2. Delivery to a Selected Post Office: the item is sent to the Post Office chosen by the customer from among those offering the parcel collection point service, where the recipient will have 15 days to collect it. The recipient will be notified by SMS and / or email that a parcel is waiting at the post office, and reminders will be sent if they do not pick it up.
  3. Delivery to CityPaq: The CorreosPaq service consists of a network of automated parcel terminals in public places and multi-family housing units.
    They let users receive and send parcels conveniently and securely, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Single-parcel Delivery: 

Package Weight:

  • Maximum actual weight: up to 30 kg.

Volumetric weight: For parcels in which the weight is not proportional to the size, the criterion applied will be weight/volume (167Kg/m3). This ratio will be verified upon intake of the parcel, under the following formula: length x height x width expressed in cm / 6,000.




  • Box: Maximum L+H+W= 210 cm., the largest dimension not exceeding 120 cm. Minimum dimensions: 15 x 10 cm.
  • Roll or tube: Maximum L= 120 cm., D= 30 cm. Minimum dimensions: Dimensions that allow a 10 x 14.5 cm label to be attached.


Extra dimensions:

1 For Paq 48 products whose destination is inside Spain or Portugal, the maximum dimensions currently allowed for each shipment are: 

  • No measurement can exceed 120 cm.
  • The total for width + length + height cannot exceed 210 cm. 

2 For each one of the maximum allowed dimensions, two maximum allowed levels have been defined: 

  • Standard Maximum (the current maximum).
  • Extra Maximum (greater than the current maximum).



Parameters for the maximum allowed dimensions



No measurement can exceed

120 cm.

170 cm.

The total for width + length + height cannot exceed

210 cm.

270 cm.


3. Exceeding the standard measurements carries an extra delivery charge corresponding to the percentages that are displayed in the following table.




No exceeding dimensions:

0 %

One exceeding dimension “One of the measurements exceeds the standard maximum”

35 %

One exceeding dimension “Width + Length + Height exceeds the standard maximum”

35 %

Two exceeding dimensions (all)

70 %


Guarantees: When the delay is attributable to Correos, we will reimburse you.


You can consult the  general charges in force, or use this charges calculator:
Seleccione producto

Para los envíos más urgentes de paquetería y documentos, dentro del territorio nacional, y con información de su estado de entrega. Ver más.

Product characteristics

Weight (gr.)
 Enter the weight of your item.

Length (cm.)
Width (cm.)
Height (cm.)
 A weight / volume criteria will be applied to voluminous parcels according to the formula: length x width x height (in centimetres) / 6,000.
Tipo de entrega
 Tipo de entrega
 Seleccione el origen
 Destinos aplicados a la zona seleccionada
Additional services

Delivery to addressee only
Delivery only to addressee specified by sender
Insurance (up to a maximum of €6000 per item)
Additional optional insurance independent of the basic cover guaranteed for this type of postage. Enter the value for which you would like to insure the item (to a maximum of 3,000 €).
Prueba de entrega electrónica
Reembolso (Abono en cuenta)
Se cobrará sobre el valor del reembolso el porcentaje del 2,75% con un mínimo de 2,5 €
Seguro estándar
Cobertura de un máximo de 15 € por kilogramo transportado hasta un máximo de 500 € por envío
Calculate Price

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