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Print out your labels and pay for your deliveries before going to the Post Office

PAQ 48

Delivery in 24/48 hours, depending on point of origin and destination

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Suitable service for legal communications


Paq Premium Internacional

For your express global deliveries.

Express International home delivery service with tracking and signature. The service offers wide coverage and exceptional guarantees.

  • Geographical Coverage: International.
  • Size: Length + height + width = 200 cm. The largest dimension not exceeding 105 cm.
  • Weight: Maximum 30 kg.
  • Delivery times: Depending on destination.*

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Premium international service for individuals, and companies. Urgent home delivery with signature. Extensive global postal coverage (EMS network).


Maximum size:

- Envelope/Box: Length + height + width = 200 cm. The largest dimension not exceeding 105 cm.

- Roll/Tube: Length = 100 cm. diameter = 15 cm.

Minimum size:

- Envelope/Box: 14 x 9 cm.

- Roll/Tube: The longest side must be at least 10 cm long.

Also, the length plus twice the diameter must be at least 17 cm.

Parcels with dimensions under the minimum size allowed must have an attached 10 x 7 cm label bearing the address and the postage.

Bulky items will have the weight /volume (167 kilograms / cubic metre) criteria applied, according to the following formula: Length x width x height (in centimetres) / 6,000


Maximum weight up to 30 Kg (depending on country of destination).


Delivery times:

1) – Delivery times are calculated in working days of the country of origin and the destination.

2) – Delivery times are given for the journey from the reception office in Spain to large cities in the destination country. The transport time to the rest of the country may be increased by 1 or 2 more days.

3) – Delivery times will not count the time lost due to force majeure: bad weather affecting transport and/or distribution, strikes, etc.

4) – The time the items spend in customs at the point of origin and /or destination is also omitted when calculating transit times, hence the importance of noting all the details clearly on the postal documents, and providing the documents needed to speed up customs processing (commercial invoice, pro forma invoice, etc.).

5) – If the item is addressed to a PO Box or Post Office for collection, transit time may be increased, this time defined as from reception of the item to its deposit, or that of the corresponding notification, in the destination PO Box.

6) – The delivery time for deliveries with online pre-registration is calculated from the definitive reception of the item in the Post Office in Spain to its delivery at the destination.

7) – Fill in the details on the reception document in Spanish and /or English. If the details are in a language of the destination country (apart from Spanish or English), include a translation to Spanish and/or English. Filling in the documents only in the language of the destination country is not recommended, especially if it is written in Cyrillic, Arabic or Chinese script, as this may lead to delays in delivery.

8) – If the item is received after 17:00, transit time is calculated beginning on the day after reception.



For loss of a parcel: refund of the amount paid, plus €52.98.

For delays attributable to Correos: your costs will be reimbursed.

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