Send documents from any device and from anywhere with the same legal validity.


Send documents urgently and securely


Send a digital, ordinary or certified letter


Send digital postcards online


Print out your labels and pay for your deliveries before going to the Post Office

PAQ 48

Delivery in 24/48 hours, depending on point of origin and destination

Certified Letter

Guarantee reception with a signature

Administrative Notifications

Suitable service for legal communications


Burofax Premium Online

Ideal for:

Online Certificado Urgente

Send urgent messages or documents with registered delivery.

This service is used for the urgent and secure delivery of important documents which may require third-party proof (signature on delivery). It is also very convenient, as it is done via the internet.

  • Geographical Coverage: España y Andorra.
  • Delivery times: 24 hours. (Except Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.)

Sold by

Due to the extraordinary adaptation measures adopted by Correos from RD 463/2020, Registered faxes will be delivered by collecting the recipient's details without taking their signature.

This service is used for the urgent and secure delivery of important documents which may require delivery to be legally proven to a third party. The recipient's signature is always required on delivery. You can access this service from this page at "Send Online Certified Fax".

From Correos Post Offices to other organisations and private users in other countries who have a Fax machine.

- Zone A: Europe, Turkey, Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia.

- Zone B: Other countries. (Ask in the Post Office which countries accept it).


A Registered fax can be sent from this website at "Send Registered fax Online":

  • Select the PDF format document you want to send.
  • Only valid or embedded fonts can be used in your document.
  • Select the recipients of your Registered faxes and the added values you want to order for each one.
  • Pay with a credit card, PayPal, or you can charge it to your Post Office account if you have one.

The delivery will be:

  • To the recipient's address.
  • To a Correos Office.
  • To a PO Box.


Guarantees: For delays attributable to Correos, the corresponding price for the Registered fax is reimbursed, not including added values.


Delivery times: Delivery will be the same day (for faxes sent before 13:00 to destinations with Special Delivery Units) or the morning of the next working day (for other cases: Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays are not included).

Download area

You can consult the general charges in force, or use this charges calculator. To make international calculations, click on new search and select the type of shipment.

Seleccione producto

For the sending of documents to anywhere within national territory, Andorra and Gibraltar with a contents certificate and urgent home delivery to be signed for. Burofax is ideal to announce any important information such as summons, complaints or contract renovations. If you wish, you may enviarlo desde su propio ordenador.

Product characteristics

A4 pages 
 Number of pages making up the document to be sent.
Category of Fax / Burofax
 Sending method.
Additional services

Acknowledgement of receipt
Proof of delivery signed by the recipient.
Ampliación custodia
Ampliación de custodia documental a 120 meses.
Certificación de texto
Precio fijo (incluye 3 páginas). Por cada página adicional se cobrará además 0,18 €. Certificación solicitada en un momento posterior al de la imposición del servicio
Copia certificada
Precio fijo (incluye 3 páginas). Por cada página adicional se cobrará además 0,18 €. Certificación solicitada en el momento de la imposición del servicio
Prueba de entrega electrónica (SERVICIOS TELEGRÁFICOS)
Prueba Entrega Electrónica (PEE)
Permite recoger y hacer llegar al remitente del envío la situación final del mismo, así como todos los datos referentes a su entrega, devolución, rechazo o caducidad
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Burofax Premium Online
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