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Línea Verde ecological packaging

Ideal for:

Nacional/Internacional Embalaje

Correos' range of ecological packaging.

Línea Verde is a range of ecological packaging for

  • Geographical Coverage: National and International.
  • Size: Depending on item.
  • Weight: Depending on item.
  • Delivery times: Depending on item.
  • Rates: Depending on item.

Sold by

Correos, in partnership with WWF España and Plantemos para el Planeta-Ardilla ConnectingLife, has launched the ''Línea Verde'' programme, a range of ecological packaging made with environmentally friendly materials. The purchase of any of these products includes a contribution of two cents to reforestation projects. 

They are sold throughout the network of post offices, offering a wide variety of packaging: boxes and envelopes of different sizes for use by our customers.

These products include a text informing users of the contribution they make by buying them. This also helps raise public awareness, encouraging the purchase of ecological products. 

There are different packaging options based on the type of item and its needs:

  • Padded envelopes.Made of paper with bubble wrap inside. In three sizes:
  1. Large: 300 x 445 mm.
  2. Medium: 260 x 360 mm.
  3. Small: 220 x 265 mm.
  • Semi-rigid envelopes. Made of paper with one side in cardboard for items that should not be bent or creased. In three sizes:
  1. Large: 310 x 445 mm.
  2. Medium: 270 x 360 mm.
  3. Small: 170 x 245 mm.
  • Boxes. Easy to assemble, in extra-strong cardboard with an adhesive closure, in various sizes:
  1. Extra large in double cardboard for strength: 590 x 390 x 390 mm.
  2. Large: 390 x 280 x 190 mm.
  3. Medium: 317 x 215 x 125 mm.
  4. Small: 230 x 140 x 80 mm.
  • Special boxes
  1. Bottle box: With interior reinforcement to protect and fit the bottle.
    • For one bottle: 390 x 120 x 110 mm.
    • For two bottles: 390 x 360 x 110 mm.
  2. Multi-purpose box: the interior is designed with a new system to fit the content and prevent it moving around. 245 x 167 x 56 mm.
  3. Trapezoid box: For sending plans or any large format documents rolled up. 720 x 70 x (135-60) mm.

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For any postage, they are available in various sizes. Due to their special design, they are very easy to assemble and have a shockproof system. In addition, with the purchase of any of these boxes, you donate two euro cents to tree plantation.

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Línea Verde ecological packaging
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