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Administrative Notifications

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Certificado Nacional Urgente

With legal confirmation, a service exclusively for government bodies.

Certified items sent by government bodies (with signature on delivery) including proof of physical or electronic delivery and two attempted deliveries to a home address, in accordance with legal requirements.

  • Geographical Coverage: Nacional (España y Andorra).
  • Weight: Up to 2 Kg.
  • Delivery times: D+3 in 93% of the deliveries across Spain.
  • Rates: Consult Correos Commercial Services.

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Product exclusively for government bodies, administrative entities and judicial agencies that need confirmation of delivery of their legal communications. These are certified items (signature on delivery) and include up to two attempted deliveries to a home address. If the first attempt is made before 15:00, the second will always occur after that time, at least 3 hours after the first (and vice versa). The second attempt will be made within three days of the first one. This complies with the requirements established in Act 39/2015 concerning Common Administrative Procedure for Public Administrations (in force since 2 October 2016), including additional proof of delivery services such as guaranteed receipt, through receipt notification or electronic proof of delivery, and delivery notification management.

This product requires one of the following services to be contracted: Delivery notification, notification delivery management, EPD (Electronic Proof of Delivery) or Feedback.

Delivery throughout Spain of 93% of posted items in 3 working days.

For items posted before 16:00 in offices which open in the afternoon, or 14:30 in offices opening only in the morning.

For mass mailings, the delivery times will be established by agreement with the client.

Physical characteristics:

 - Weight/Measurements: Up to 2 kg

- Maximum size:

  • Envelope or box: Length + Height + Width = 90 cm, the largest dimension not exceeding 60 cm.
  • Roll/tube: Length + 2 times diameter = 104 cm, the largest dimension not exceeding 90 cm.

- Minimum ­size:

  • Envelope or box: 14 x 9 cm.
  • Roll/tube: Length + 2 times diameter = 17 cm, the largest dimension not less than 10 cm.

Deliveries­ with dimensions that are smaller than­ the minimum must have an attached 10 x 7 cm label bearing the address and the postage.


Conditions:  The front of the item must bear a label identifying the product as "Notificación" (Notification), and below it in smaller letters, the act in question (appointment, summons, resolution) and the words "Expediente núm..." (File no.) or any other information identifying the subject of the notification. Each item will be identified with an adhesive label including a barcode.

Reception: The channels for receiving these items are:

  • Post Offices.
  • As an electronic file.

Delivery: The key feature identifying the items as certified for delivery purposes is that they are always signed for by the recipient or authorised person, at the home address of the recipient or at the Post Office.

The details of delivery of the notifications comply with Law 39/2015  on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations, with regard to the Administration's communications with private individuals or interested parties. These are:

  • On one hand, the posted items must include a notice of receipt or PEE, to meet the requirement for reliable confirmation of reception,
  • and on the other, they must include a second attempted delivery to the home address if the first one is unsuccessful, at a different time of day. After two unsuccessful attempts, Correos must keep the notifications available for the established period of 7 calendar days; as part of this, notice of arrival will be left in the recipient's home letterbox, stating the Post Office, how long the notification will be kept there, and the circumstances of the second attempted delivery. This notice will be left in the letterbox at the recipient's home address.

A second attempted delivery will not apply if the notification is refused or rejected by the interested party or their representative; if it the address is incorrect, the recipient is unknown or deceased, or similar situations that make a second attempted delivery inappropriate.

The postal worker must always add their signature and identification number to the notice of receipt accompanying the notification, if applicable, and the notice of arrival, if applicable.

All notification deliveries can be monitored and tracked free of charge on the website


If you represent a company and would like us to make a personalised offer, request more information.

Administrative Notifications
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