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Paq Retorno

Control your customers' refunds at no additional cost to them.

Parcel service which gives any company a solution for receiving the goods they want to recover from their customers, at no additional cost to them.

  • Geographical Coverage: Spain and Andorra.
  • Weight: Maximum 30 kg. Volumetric weight 60 kg.
  • Delivery times: From 48 hours.*
  • Rates: Desde 5,78€, sin impuestos incluidos.
Correos ExpressCorreos

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Parcel service which lets companies control the return of products, whilst ensuring an excellent return and exchange policy for your customers.

This parcel service lets you recover your goods efficiently, optimally and at no additional cost to your customers.

It also lets the company control the deadline for customers to return goods, guarantee the deliveries and contract Correos' packaging for customer returns.

Companies interested in the advantages offered by the Paq Retorno should contact our Commercial Service. They will configure a personalised offer for you and suggest exclusive additional services for contract customers.

Physical characteristics:

Maximum dimensions:

  • Envelope / box: Length + Height + Width = 210 cm, the largest dimension not exceeding 120 cm.
  • Roll/tube: Length = 120 cm., Diameter = 30 cm.

Minimum dimensions:

  • Envelope / box: 14 x 9 cm.
  • Roll/tube: The longest side must be at least 10 cm long. Also, the length plus twice the diameter must be at least 17 cm.

Bulky items will have the weight /volume (167 kilograms / cubic metre) criterion applied, according to the following formula: Length x width x height (in centimetres) / 6,000


Maximum 30 kg. Volumetric weight 60 kg.


Get the parcel return service in 5 simple steps:

  • Select whether the delivery is associated with a previous delivery by Correos, or if it is an independent item.
  • Select whether the delivery is associated with a previous delivery by Correos, or if it is an independent item.
  • Choose whether you want Correos to provide the packaging for the item and charge it to your contract.
  • If it is associated with a previous delivery, enter its identification code.
  • If there is no associated previous delivery in Correos, enter the necessary details.
  • Print the labels and send them to the sender of the returned item to take to the post office. If you prefer, the sender can go to any Post Office to get the labels, simply by producing the delivery code.


Other characteristics:
  • The delivery will be signed for.
  • Your customer can take the returned items to any Post Office in the network.
  • Total control of the return delivery thanks to its full traceability.
  • Option of setting a period of validity for returns.
  • Option of offering your customers packaging for the return delivery.
  • In order to use it, contact our Commercial Service on 902 197 197.


Guarantees: The guarantees are the same as the initial delivery, except for the delivery times.


Si eres empresa y quieres que te hagamos una oferta personalizada, solicita información.
Paq Retorno
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