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Receive information about your deliveries

For customers with contract.

The products Certified Letter, notifications, Paq 72 and Paq 48  can be complemented with extra services:

  • Feedback: online monitoring by the customer of the distribution and delivery of their posted items. The information provided refers to the latest known recorded status of the deliveries: received, delivered and /or returned; and other data relating to the recipient: the time and date of delivery, or non-delivery or circumstances of the delivery or return affecting the posted item.

  • Quality control in feedback: 40 calendar days after the date of a shipment, Correos will run a computer process to detect any deliveries where the results were not reported and will ask its distribution offices for the information needed to record the corresponding reply.

Feedback can be transmitted:

  • Via the Correos website:

    Delivery tracker on the Correos website. Our customers can monitor their deliveries using the Delivery Locator available on the Correos website (

    Queries can be run as follows:

    • Individual query: the customer simply has to enter the barcode associated with the delivery on reception to get updated status information.

    • Mass queries (up to 10 deliveries): If the Client wants to check more than one delivery on the website (up to a maximum of 10), enter the corresponding codes in the search engine to get the information you are looking for via email as a text file.

  • Through file exchange:

    In order to facilitate the scheduling of mass shipments, their presentation at the time of reception, to improve delivery conditions and have electronic feedback information available through file exchange, Correos offers its Clients the possibility of contracting the Registered Delivery Information and Control System (SICER), through which they can get real-time access to information on shipments, registered deliveries deposited in our reception units, and the status of those deliveries.

The SICER technological platform enables:

  • Fluid information exchange between our customers and Correos through sending TXT files.

  • The information generated by our customers can be received by Correos without the need for previous notice, as Correos' automatic reception procedures enable it to be loaded into the system as soon as it arrives.

  • If the information sent by the customer in the files contains errors, Correos will return a file informing them of the deliveries recorded with errors and the reasons for the rejection.

  • With the information loaded correctly, Correos will return the files to the customer with the status of their deliveries on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or other basis, as the customer chooses.

Correos guarantees the security and confidentiality of the information through its system of access control and security (FTP or others, according to the needs of the customer).



The communication process between Correos and its customers uses a secure communication channel through the following systems:

    EDITRAN is one of the file transfer systems most widely used by companies and public institutions worldwide thanks to its reliability.

    Features of information exchange through EDITRAN:

    • It ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the data.

    • Secure transmission of information.

    • Immediate availability of the information.

    Information can be exchanged with government agencies through the SARA-MAP network (Ministry of Public Administrations).

    EDITRAN presents the following options:

    • Exchanging communication using EDITRAN IP, to receive and /or send large files or large numbers of files.

    • Exchanging communication using EDITRANX 25 to receive and /or send small files (<100 kb) or a few files in the same connection.

  • SFTP system:

    Like the information exchange through EDITRAN, the exchange of information through SFTP systems is characterised by the confidentiality and integrity of the data and the security of the information transfer.

    For connections through SFTP systems, Correos will provide the following information:

    • DNS of the Correos server providing the service

    • Port number used by the secure FTP service

    • User name of the service

    Information would by exchanged through EDITRAN or SFTP systems as follows:

    • The customer generates a file with the list of the deliveries to be deposited.

    • The customer transmits the file through the agreed channel:

      • EDITRAN

      • SFTP

    • Correos validates the file received

    • After validation, Correos sends the customer a file with the following information:

      • Entries accepted

      • Entries rejected by Correos

  • Correos will validate the list of correct items.

  • Correos will return the files to the customer with the updated statuses at the agreed intervals.