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Document digitisation

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Correos can digitise the receipts of delivered and undelivered items.

With this service, it can also check that a response has been sent for all the images, and if necessary, proceed to the recording.

In the digitisation process, Correos will associate each document with a box number and a  sequential number in order to find it later. This task will be facilitated by the barcode  incorporating receipts of all the notifications

To improve digitisation, Correos offers customers the option of sending in the scanned images, signed electronically with a digital certificate and time stamp.

Quality Control in Digitisation:

60 calendar days from the date of deposit of a shipment, Correos will run a computer process to detect any deliveries without a scanned image . It will issue a certificate of substitution with the following details:

• Result obtained for the attempted delivery (categories: delivered, wrong address, deceased, rejected, delivered to the post office or deposited in the letterbox).

• Details of the person the item was delivered to, list with the recipient, date and time  of the attempted deliveries, identity and signature of the Correos employee and stamp of the  corresponding office.

• If there is no response or image for a sent item, the  result “Extraviado” (Lost) will be recorded as a response and a certification of this will be scanned and signed by the corresponding responsible party.