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Apartado Postal Nacional

To receive all postal deliveries without the need for an address.

Correos assigns a reception box where you can receive any postal delivery, making it possible to receive correspondence at the location of your choice without being officially resident there.

  • Geographical Coverage: Nacional.
  • Delivery times: Office hours.
  • Rates: Quarterly subscription from €24.79 (not including taxes).

Sold by

The PO Box will consist of lockers located in Post Offices. When the volume, size or nature of the deliveries demands it, the correspondence will be deposited in the Post Office and a notification will be left in the PO Box asking the customer to go to the counter.

Deliveries can be collected during the opening hours of the Post Office where the PO Box is held.

The address may include the name of any of the holders subscribing to the service and the PO Box number, or the PO Box number only.

Characteristics of the PO Box:

  • Correos offers this service at all post offices for up to 5 holders per PO Box. The holders of a private PO Box can be either individuals or legal personalities. 
  • Two types of contract: annual or quarterly.
  • Correos guarantees confidentiality for the holders of a PO Box.



You can consult the  general charges in force, or use this charges calculator:
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The Correos allocates reception boxes where any kind of postal item may be received and which may be accessed in post office opening hours, so that it is possible to receive correspondence in the chosen town, without it being necessary to have an address there. A home delivery service may be contracted.

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