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Correos Modify

  •  National
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Easily modify the delivery of your shipments via your mobile phone or PC.

With this function, buyers can modify the delivery of a shipment to suit them, via their mobile phone or PC. This operation is available for all domestic shipments with home delivery in the PAQ PREMIUM and PAQ STANDARD categories.

The sender can choose what types of modifications recipients can make to their shipments, or choose not to let the recipient make any changes.

The following types of modifications can be made:

  1. COMING SOON. Delivery date and Time slot:
  • ​​Recipients can choose the date and time slot when their item will be delivered.
  • They can choose from the 7 calendar days following reception of the SMS/email.
  • Time slots will depend if afternoon deliveries are available in their area.
  • The date and time can only be changed to later than the existing delivery date.
  1. Delivery address of the item, as long as the new address is in the same province.
  2. Receive the item at a Correos Post Office:
  • By sending the item to a post office in the same province as the delivery address.
  • The item will be kept at the post office for 15 days by default, or the period set by the sender in the shipment pre-registration.
  1. Receive the item at CityPaq:
  • By sending the item to a terminal in the same province as the delivery address.
  • To choose a Private CityPaq, the recipient just has to enter the code of their CityPaq.

       5. COMING SOON. The recipient will be able to comment on the delivery in a text box, which the person making the delivery will see on their PDA.

       6. COMING SOON. If the recipient is not going to be at home, the shipment can be kept at their local post office for up to 21 days. Correos will send the item to the post office associated with the recipient’s address, where it will be held for up to 21 days.